Duration of pause between discrete stages of ejection of DNA

Value <=0.75 sec
Organism Bacteriophage T5
Reference Mangenot S, Hochrein M, Rädler J, Letellier L. Real-time imaging of DNA ejection from single phage particles. Curr Biol. 2005 Mar 815(5):430-5PubMed ID15753037
Method fluorescence microscopy study investigating in real time the dynamics of DNA ejection from single T5 phages adsorbed onto a microfluidic cell. The ejected DNA was fluorescently stained, and its length was measured at different stages of the ejection after being stretched in a hydrodynamic flow. Use was made of a microfluidic device that combines the advantages of allowing phage particles to be adsorbed onto a surface and restricting the DNA to a confined volume, thus allowing its observation in focus.
Comments DNA release is not an all-or-none process but occurs in a stepwise fashion, apparently due to nicks in DNA
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