Annual global terrestrial Net Primary Productivity

Value 56.4 Pg Carbon/year
Organism Biosphere
Reference Field CB, Behrenfeld MJ, Randerson JT, Falkowski P. Primary production of the biosphere: integrating terrestrial and oceanic components. Science. 1998 Jul 10 281(5374):pp. 238 and Table 1PubMed ID9657713
Method Carnegie-Ames-Stanford approach (CASA) for land and the Vertically Generalized Production Model (VGPM) for the oceans. Calculated from long term global measurements from satellites according to model integrated from 3 equations (see p.237 middle and left columns)
Comments Pg=10^15 grams. See BNID 100596, 103500, 105063 (terrestrial NPP),102955 (seasonal terrestrial NPP)
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