Effective overproduction of epithelial cells

Value 10 %
Organism Hydra attenuata
Reference Bosch TC, David CN. Growth regulation in Hydra: relationship between epithelial cell cycle length and growth rate. Dev Biol. 1984 Jul104(1):pp. 169, table 2 on pp. 166PubMed ID6734933
Method Hydra were placed into embryological salt dishes with just sufficient medium so that they could fully extend, and then were quickly flooded, to prevent contraction, with Lavdowsky’s fixative
Comments Value for fed and unfed animals. Feeding induces an additional 10-15 percent of cells per day. FedAssuming all cells are mitotically active, these mitotic rates yield estimates of the epithelial cell cycle of about ‘7 days in unfed animals and about 3-4 days in fed animals
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