Number of viral RNA per cell

Value 3900 copies per cell Range: ±740 Table- link copies per cell
Organism HIV
Reference Hockett RD, Kilby JM, Derdeyn CA, Saag MS, Sillers M, Squires K, Chiz S, Nowak MA, Shaw GM, Bucy RP. Constant mean viral copy number per infected cell in tissues regardless of high, low, or undetectable plasma HIV RNA. J Exp Med. 1999 May 17 189(10):1545-54. p.1547 table 1PubMed ID10330433
Method The frequency of HIV RNA+ cells was counted by direct microscopic observation, using a calibrated ocular grid, by an observer blinded to the other analyses performed on the same specimen. The frequency of individual vRNA+ cells was counted in multiple adjacent sections, and the total area occupied by lymphoid tissue and density of cells was determined in each section.
Comments Table shows Comparison of Three Independent Methods of Analysis of HIV RNA in Lymph Node Tissue. The results obtained for patients with a broad range of plasma viral loads before and after antiretroviral therapy
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