Decrease in concentration of endogenous protein as it passes from duodenum to colon

Value >=92 %
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Michael A. Savageau, 1983, Escherichia coli Habitats, Cell Types, and Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Control, The American Naturalist, Vol. 122, No. 6, (Dec., 1983), pp. 734
Primary Source Curtis KJ, Kim YS, Perdomo JM, Silk DB, Whitehead JS. 1978 Potein digestion and absorption in the rat. J. Physiol: 274:416-417PubMed ID625001
Method 1. A randomly labelled 14C protein was synthesized in order to investigate the site and rate of digestion and absorption of dietary protein in the rat. 2. A liquid test meal consisting of protein and a non-absorbable marker, 51CrCl3, was administered to rats which were then sacrificed at intervals up to 4 hr after ingestion of the meal.
Comments Analysis of intestinal contents showed that as gastric emptying proceeded, the meal moved rapidly to the distal two thirds of the small intestine
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