"Rule of thumb" for transforming one molecule per cell to units of concentration

Value 1 nM
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Calculated according to cell volume in primary source, please see Measurement Method
Primary Source Kubitschek HE, Friske JA. Determination of bacterial cell volume with the Coulter Counter. J Bacteriol. 1986 Dec168(3):1466-7. Table-http://bionumbers.hms.harvard.edu/files/E.%20coli%20cell%20volume%20in%20different%20media%20in%20stationary%20and%20exponential%20phase.pdf PubMed ID3536882
Method Calculated using Avogadro's constant and cell volume=10^-12 cm^3=10^-15 liter (Average of 10 measurements in table from Primary source, BNID 100 004). 1 particle/10^-15liter=X particles/liter>>X=10^15 particles/liter 10^15(particles/liter)/6×10^23(particles/mole)=1.666×10^-9M=~1 nM.
Comments For 1molecule/cell=10nM concentration in bacterial cell see Luby-Phelps 2000 PMID 10553280 p.191 top paragraph (this order of magnitude difference from value above comes from calculation of smaller bacterial cell, BNID 105905).
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