"Rule of thumb" for the diameter of "Average" Protein

Value 4 nm
Organism Unspecified
Reference "Physical Biology of the Cell", Rob Phillips, Jane Kondev and Julie Theriot (2009). Page 26
Comments See Stokes radius of Casein 2.9-3.7 nm (BNID 103862), Radius of gyration of myoglobin (BNID 103782), Radius of gyration of ribonuclease1.43 nm (BNID 103781), Radius of gyration of conalbumin (BNID 103737), albumin diameter 3nm (BNID 103736), insulin receptor diameter 6.5nm (BNID 103212), Diameter of the LacY transporter ~6 nm (BNID 102929). See BNID 103880, 103782
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ID 101827