Multiplicity of infection Influenza B in allantoic fluid

Value 44 virions
Organism Influenza
Reference Horsfall Reproduction of influenza viruses quantitative investigations with particle enumeration procedures on the dynamics of influenza A and B virus reproduction. J Exp Med. 1955 Oct 1 102(4):441-73. p.448 bottom paragraphPubMed ID13263486
Method Influenza A and B virus reproduction in the allantoic membrane of the intact chicken embryo was studied quantitatively with particle enumeration procedures. Virus particles were enumerated on the basis of two independent properties capacity to infect and to cause hemagglutination.
Comments The adsorption capacity of an allantoic cell was at least 44 Lee or 89 PR8 (influenza A) particles. See BNID 105685
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