Half time of delay

Value 8 Hours
Organism Influenza
Reference Cairns HJ. The asynchrony of infection by influenza virus. Virology. 1957 Feb3(1):1-14. p.8 2nd paragraphPubMed ID13409756
Method Eighty 11-day embryos were inoculated allantoically with about one ID50 of BEL. Every third hour from the ninth hour, 0.05 ml of allantoic fluid was removed from each embryo and stored at -70°. From the eighteenth hour, a second sample was also taken and tested for the presence of hemagglutinin. The experiment was arbitrarily terminated at 48 hours. With the embryos thus classified according to the time of appearance of hemagglutinin, it was possible to go back to the earlier samples and determine growth curves for different times of appearance of hemagglutinin.
Entered by Andreas Handel
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