Hemoglobin fraction by weight in red blood cells

Range 30-35 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Optimality principles in biology, Rosen, Plenum press 1967, p.56 bottom paragraph
Comments P.56 bottom paragraph: "The erythrocyte is, of course, primarily involved in oxygen transport and exchange of gases between the blood and the surrounding tissues. The basic instrument of oxygen transport and exchange is the protein haemoglobin. Each erythrocyte contains 30-35 per cent by weight of haemoglobin 60-65 per cent of the cell is water, and the small remaining portion of the cell is comprised of lipoprotein, a few enzymes, and small molecules arranged in a structure which has not yet been completely clarified. Unlike all other cells, including the erythrocytes of nonmammalian vertebrates, mammalian erythrocytes lack a nucleus." By weight. For value of 1/3 see Grover et al., 2011 PMID 21690360 p.10993 left column bottom paragraph
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