Actin stall force

Value 7.7 pN per Filament Range: ±1.3 Table - link pN per Filament
Organism Unspecified
Reference Abraham V. C., Krishnamurthi V., Taylor D. L., Lanni F. 1999. The Actin-Based Nanomachine at the Leading Edge of Migrating Cells, Biophys. J. free online article 77:1721-1732 p. 1728 Table 2PubMed ID10465781
Primary Source Hill T. L. 1981. Microfilament of microtubule assembly or disassembly against force, Proc. Natl. Acad.Sci. USA. 78:5613-5617. AND Peskin CS, Odell GM, Oster GF. Cellular motions and thermal fluctuations: the Brownian ratchet. Biophys J. 1993 Jul65(1):316-24.PubMed ID6946498, 8369439
Comments Note- second primary source (Peskin et al., p. 317 fig.1) give value of ~7.8pN according to equation 4 (p. 318): fo=-(kBT/d)×ln(ß/a) where fo is the force, kBT is the product of the Boltzmann constant, kB, and the temperature, the size of a monomer is indicated by d, and ß and a are the rate constants for actin polymerization.
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