Flux of photons

Value 4E+21 Photons/m^2/sec
Organism Biosphere
Reference Noy D, Moser CC, Dutton PL. Design and engineering of photosynthetic light-harvesting and electron transfer using length, time, and energy scales. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2006 Feb1757(2):90-105 p.91 right column paragraph above bottomPubMed ID16457774
Method Intergration of the standard reference solar spectral irradiance at Air Mass 1.5 (ASTM G-173-03) (ASTM international, ASTM G173-03, Standard Tables for Reference Solar Spectral Irradiances: Direct Normal and Hemispherical on 37° Tilted Surface, Available at link)
Comments At sea level, based on reference solar irradiance 1.5 air masses, integrated over the whole spectrum
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