Concentration of Mn ions in minimal medium containing 50 μM Mn with beta lactamase L1 overexpressed

Value 0.3 eq Range: Table- link eq
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Hu Z, Gunasekera TS, Spadafora L, Bennett B, Crowder MW. Metal content of metallo-beta-lactamase L1 is determined by the bioavailability of metal ions. Biochemistry. 2008 Jul 29 47(30):7947-53 p. 7949 table 1PubMed ID18597493
Method The metal content of the cytoplamsic/periplasmic fractions of the cells was measured using ICP-AES (Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy)
Comments Values of Manganese of 0.2 and 0.4 eq. in different conditions given in tables 2 and 3. Note- value of 4mM (1,700,000 Mn ions) given by link
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