Average protein half life

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Value 6.9 Hours
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Eden E, Geva-Zatorsky N, Issaeva I, Cohen A, Dekel E, Danon T, Cohen L, Mayo A, Alon U. Proteome half-life dynamics in living human cells. Science. 2011 Feb 11 331(6018):764-8 p.766 figure 2C,DPubMed ID21233346
Method Researchers present an assay called “bleach-chase” for measuring protein half-lives that does not require translation inhibitors, antibodies, or radioactive labeling. In the bleach-chase method, the fluorophore of the tagged protein is bleached using a brief pulse of light, irreversibly rendering it nonfluorescent. Half life obtained using the simple equation on p.765 under fig.1, half time=ln(2)/alpha taking average alpha as 0.1 (p.766 note under fig.2D)
Comments H1299 human non–small cell lung cancer cell line.
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