Number of mitochondrial DNA molecules per cell

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Range 220-1720 Table - link copies/cell
Organism Mammals
Reference Robin ED, Wong R. Mitochondrial DNA molecules and virtual number of mitochondria per cell in mammalian cells. J Cell Physiol. 1988 Sep136(3):507-13. p.511 table 5PubMed ID3170646
Method Mitochondria were isolated from cell suspensions according to the "no gradient" method of Bogenhagen and Clayton (Bogenhagen and Clayton, 1974).Quantitation of mtDNA: Mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) was measured using the method of Tapper and Clayton (Murphy et al., 1984). Mitochondrial counting: Isolated mitochondria from all cell types were stained with Rhodamine 123 according to the method of Johnson, Walsh, and Chen (Johnson et al., 1980).Enzyme assays:Cytochrome aa3 was measured spectrophotometrically by the method of Simon et al. (1973). Malate dehydrogenase. Malate dehydrogenase was measured spectrophotometrically by the method of Rudolph, Baugher, and Beissner (Rudolph et al., 1977).
Comments The number of mt DNA molecules per cell shows little variation in any cell type but varies widely from one cell type to another.
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