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BioNumbers is in its infancy and there are notable gaps in the available data. Search results often contain false positives.
Please suggest missing data and references to help remedy these shortcomings (feedback box on the left).
Caution: reported numbers depend upon experimental conditions which are provided as part of the BioNumbers entry.
Search tips: Try not limiting organism. Try abbreviations, full names etc., e.g. 'Oxygen' or 'O2'.
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Rate of premature translation termination events (ribosome drop-off rate) Bacteria Escherichia coli 2.4e-4 (+- 0.00005) events/codon 113578
Sin, C., Chiarugi, D.... more
dadas sadasd 4 4 113577
dfsfds more
japanese Toenail Fungus Code - japanese Toenail Fungus Code Review Human Homo sapiens 1 01 113576
japanese Toenail Fungus... more
Transcription error rate of endosymbiotic bacteria (corrected value) Carsonella ruddii 5.09E-05 per nucleotide 113574
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Transcription error rate over all conditions (corrected value) Bacteria Escherichia coli 8.23E-05 (±0.55×10^-5) per nucleotide 113572
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Error rates in RNA sequncing (RNAseq) using altered library preparation protocols Unspecified <10^−8–10^−12 per nucleotide 113571
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Number of times mRNA transcript can be translated Bacteria Escherichia coli ≤40 translations/transcript 113567
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Fraction of transcription errors that cause an amino acid substitution bacteria E. coli 68±1.46%: Buchnera aphidicola 80% % 113575
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Transcription error rate (corrected values) Bacteria Buchnera aphidicola mRNA 4.67±1.53×10^−5: rRNA 3.28±0.56×10^−5 per nucleotide 113573
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Error rates in RNA sequncing (RNAseq) Unspecified cDNA synthesis 3×10^−5–6×10^−5: high-throughput sequencing technologies ≤10^−2–10^−3 per nucleotide 113568
Traverse CC, Ochman H.... more
Date of large-scale gene duplication or whole-genome duplication Physcomitrella patens 30 - 60 Mya 113566
Rensing SA et al., An... more
Dimensions of giant pavement cell Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana area 11,000±5,400µm^2: length 360±150µm (longest can reach 800 µm) N/A 113562
Roeder AH et al., Variability... more
Dimensions of mature sepal Plants length ~2mm: width 1mm: thickness <50µm N/A 113560
Balduzzi M et al., Reshaping... more
Moss can recover from a water loss up to Physcomitrella patens 75 - 92 % of its fresh weight 113564
Mueller SJ, Hoernstein SN... more
Mitochondrial genome contains genes for Physcomitrella patens 3 rRNAs: 24 tRNAs: 42 proteins genes 113565
Terasawa K et al., The... more
Upper limit to number of distinct NPC components Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 30 Components 107689
Rout MP, Aitchison JD... more
Fraction of outer sepal epidermis cells that are guard cells Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana 29 (±3) % 113563
Roeder AH et al., Variability... more
Colonization of land by early plants Biosphere ~480 - 360 Mya 113559
Ohtani M, Akiyoshi N... more
Area of giant pavement cell Plants <100 - ≤20,000 µm^2 113561
Balduzzi M et al., Reshaping... more
Features of strain genomes Bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis Table - link N/A 113552
Jouzani GS, Valijanian E... more