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BioNumbers is in its infancy and there are notable gaps in the available data. Search results often contain false positives.
Please suggest missing data and references to help remedy these shortcomings (feedback box on the left).
Caution: reported numbers depend upon experimental conditions which are provided as part of the BioNumbers entry.
Search tips: Try not limiting organism. Try abbreviations, full names etc., e.g. 'Oxygen' or 'O2'.
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Fraction of incident radiation that is reflected Biosphere bright leaves of desert shrubs >20: spruce forest ~10: bare soil ≤30: freshly fallen snow >80 % of incident radiation 113223
Körner C (2013) Plan... more
Heat of vaporization of water at 20˚C Generic 2.45 kJ/gram 113225
Körner C (2013) Plan... more
Fraction of PAR ("photosynthetically active" radiation) which is made into photochemical use Biosphere ≤1 - 2 % of PAR 113224
Körner C (2013) Plan... more
Plant leaves under a clear sky at night may be colder than surrounding air by Plants 3 - 5 ˚K 113222
Körner C (2013) Plan... more
Fraction of radiation balance that is transmitted to leaf Plants <1 % 113221
Körner C (2013) Plan... more
Tabulation of ligand-receptor unbinding forces and the corresponding thermodynamic values Generic Table - link N/A 111926
VT. Moy, EL. Florin, HE. Gaub... more
Doubling time of human cancerous cell lines Human Homo sapiens Table - link N/A 103994
Owa, Ozawa and Semba... more
Daily turnover of ATP Human Homo sapiens ~1 (or ~60kg) Body weight ATP/day 105606
Buono Michael J. and... more
Doubling time for U2OS cells Human Homo sapiens cells cultured in: regular 96-well plates 23.7±0.5: RT-CES devices 24.1±0.6 Hours 107993
Solly K, Wang X, Xu X... more
"Rule of thumb" for cell mass Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 60 pg 101795
"Physical Biology of... more
Average radius of folded protein Generic ~2 nm 100018
Zhdanov VP. Conditions... more
Measured HeLa cell mass Human Homo sapiens 1.01-3.57 Table - link ng 103721
Park K, Jang J, Irimia D... more
Estradiol levels Mouse Mus musculus Non breeder 9.3 to 28.9: breeder 14.4 to 71.1 pg/ml 106170
Oury F et al., Endocrine... more
Length of neuron from base of spine to big toe-longest cell in human body Human Homo sapiens ~ (≤1) meter 104901
Fletcher DA, Theriot... more
Number of lymphocytes in body Human Homo sapiens ~2e+12 cells 103587
Alberts, Bruce Alexander... more
Redox potential of Fe3O4 (magnetite)/Fe2+ (Ferrous iron) Generic -314 (Table - link) mV 104502
Straub KL, Benz M, Schink... more
Divergence rate for protein coding mitochondrial DNA in subfossil bones Adélie penguin Pygoscelis adeliae 0.95 substitutions/site/Myr 113219
Peterson GI, Masel J.... more
Death rate for different strains Bacteria Escherichia coli MG1655 lexA3 (no SOS) constant rate of 2.7: MG1655 and B/r after 120 generations >1 %/cell/generation 113220
Wang P et al., Robust... more
Divergence rate for protein coding mitochondrial DNA Human Homo sapiens 0.32 - 2.5 substitutions/site/Myr 113218
Peterson GI, Masel J.... more
Divergence rate for protein coding mitochondrial DNA in mammals and birds vertebrates 0.02 substitutions/site/Myr 113217
Peterson GI, Masel J.... more