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BioNumbers is in its infancy and there are notable gaps in the available data. Search results often contain false positives.
Please suggest missing data and references to help remedy these shortcomings (feedback box on the left).
Caution: reported numbers depend upon experimental conditions which are provided as part of the BioNumbers entry.
Search tips: Try not limiting organism. Try abbreviations, full names etc., e.g. 'Oxygen' or 'O2'.
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Number of F-box proteins and fraction of genome that encodes proteins involved in the ubiquitin proteasome system Plants ~700 F-box proteins: >5% of genome encodes proteins of ubiquitin proteasome system N/A 113551
Haruta M, Sussman MR.... more
Fraction of protein coding genes that are proteins from the protein kinase family Plants ~5 (about half are membrane-bound receptor-like protein kinases) % 113550
Haruta M, Sussman MR.... more
Phylogenetic relationships between major groups of extant green plants Plants Figure - link Mya 113549
Ishizaki K. Evolution... more
Time when land plants first began to diverge Plants ~450-460 Mya 110277
Dr. Ilia J. Leitch, Prof.... more
Fraction of seed oil out of total seed weight Pomegranate Punica granatum ≤12 - 20 % 113548
Panth N, Manandhar B... more
Aril (cover of seed) composition Pomegranate Punica granatum water 85%: total sugar 10%: pectin 1.5%: other see comments section % 113547
Panth N, Manandhar B... more
Fruit composition Pomegranate Punica granatum peel ~50%: arils ~40%: seeds ~10% % 113546
Panth N, Manandhar B... more
Increase in lifespan when on diet of golden root (Rhodiola rosea) Fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster males 3.5 days: females 3.2 days days 113542
Khanna K, Mishra KP, Ganju L... more
Time after which graft of quince as rootstock and pear as scion show phloem connectivity Plants 10 - 20 days after grafting 113545
Melnyk CW. Plant grafting:... more
Average genome size Plants angiosperms 588 Mbp: gymnosperms 15.48 Gbp N/A 113543
Rensing SA. Why we need... more
Percentage of constituents in rhizome with roots Plant Golden root Rhodiola rosea Table - link % 113541
Khanna K, Mishra KP, Ganju L... more
Number of Heat-stable antigen(hi) [HSA(hi)] splenic B cells Mouse Mus musculus 5×10^6 - 10×10^6 [HSA(hi)] cells/spleen 113540
Allman DM, Ferguson SE... more
Plasmodesmata diameter Plants 50 (20-200) nanometer 100594
Nobel, P. S. "Plant ... more
Speed of communicating signal within plant Plants fastest ~1m/sec: slowest (some hormones) ~1cm/hour: most (thorough vascular system) 1-8mm/sec N/A 113538
Trewavas A. The foundations... more
Time span within which 2 sensitive hairs must be touched for trap to close Plant Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula 20 sec 113537
Trewavas A. The foundations... more
Subtropical to boreal tree leaf temperature (external temp. averages 12˚C-26˚C) Plants 21.4 (±2.2) ˚C 113536
Trewavas A. The foundations... more
Time for parasite to coil around its host Parasitic plant Cuscuta spp. (dodder) ~4 days 113535
Trewavas A. The foundations... more
Fraction of hosts rejected within a few hours Parasitic plant Cuscuta spp. (dodder) 50%: when feeding potential hosts with Nitrogen 20-30% %/within few hours 113534
Trewavas A. The foundations... more
Growth rate Plant Rubus spp. ~8 cm/day 113533
Trewavas A. The foundations... more
Meristem length Plants root meristem ~5mm: shoot meristem ~10mm mm 113532
Trewavas A. The foundations... more