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BioNumbers is in its infancy and there are notable gaps in the available data. Search results often contain false positives.
Please suggest missing data and references to help remedy these shortcomings (feedback box on the left).
Caution: reported numbers depend upon experimental conditions which are provided as part of the BioNumbers entry.
Search tips: Try not limiting organism. Try abbreviations, full names etc., e.g. 'Oxygen' or 'O2'.
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Influence of the origin of cell monolayer on sperm motion characteristics at 22°C Human Homo sapiens Table - link N/A 112846
Guerin JF , Ouhibi N... more
Protein content of cell Mammals ~20 % 111217
Wisniewski JR, Ostasiewicz P... more
Average half-time (t1/2) of GroEL-assisted protein folding Bacteria Escherichia coli ~ (60) sec 110580
Kerner MJ, Naylor DJ... more
Genome size (smallest known RNA virus genome) Hepatitis delta virus ~1.7 Kb 105570
Huang CR, Lo SJ. Evolution... more
Cells per gram liver tissue Human Homo sapiens 1.07e+8 (0.65e+8 to 1.85e+8) cells/g 110544
Wilson ZE, Rostami-Hodjegan A... more
Redox state of cells (based on GSSG/2GSH couple) Mammalian tissue culture cell Table - link N/A 101824
Schafer FQ, Buettner... more
Variations of the protein content per cell in Chang’s and HeLa cells as function of the population density Human Homo sapiens Table - link N/A 108944
Volpe P, Eremenko-Volpe... more
Glutathione (GSSG) level in Chang's liver cell incubated with a cytokine mixture Mammalian tissue culture cell 4.75 nmol/mg protein 105115
Crespo I et al., Differential... more
Protein content in Chang's liver (epithelial-like) cells at final cell density, ~10^6 cells/ml Human Homo sapiens 190-314 pg/cell 105097
Volpe P, Eremenko-Volpe... more
Protein content in HeLa and Chang's (epithelial-like) cells as function of culture growth time Human Homo sapiens Table - link N/A 105096
Volpe P, Eremenko-Volpe... more
Glutathione (GSSG) level in Chang's liver cell Mammalian tissue culture cell 1.3 nmol/mg protein 102531
Crespo et al., Differential... more
Length of pre-miRNA stem loop structure Human Homo sapiens ~60-80 nucleotides 102583
Chang TC, Mendell JT.... more
Number of miRNA encoded by genome Human Homo sapiens ~800-1000 miRNAs 102582
Chang TC, Mendell JT.... more
Length of mature miRNA Human Homo sapiens 18-24 nucleotides 102585
Chang TC, Mendell JT.... more
Estimated fraction of mRNA regulated by miRNA Human Homo sapiens 30-90 % 102584
Chang TC, Mendell JT.... more
Content of 5me-Deoxycytidine (5-meC) in DNA preparations of ten species and the estimated average numbers of 5mdC per (haploid) genome Various Table - link N/A 112844
Capuano F, Mülleder M... more
Fraction of CpG sites that are methylated Mammals 60 - 90 % 112845
Tucker KL (June 2001).... more
Polysaccharidase and glycosidase activities in different fractions of human faeces Human Homo sapiens Table - link N/A 112840
G. T. Macfarlane and... more
Standard Gibbs free energy for reduction of CO2 by H2 (4H2 + 2C02 > CH3COO- + H+ + 2H20) Generic -95 kJ/mol 112841
G. T. Macfarlane and... more
Ratio of anaerobic/aerobic bacteria in faeces Human Homo sapiens 1000 anaerobes/aerobes 112842
A. Lidbeck and C. E. Nord... more