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Property Cell dry weight
Organism Green algae Dunaliella salina
Value 153
Range ±3
Units pg/cell
Reference Prieto A, Pedro Cañavate J, García-González M. Assessment of carotenoid production by Dunaliella salina in different culture systems and operation regimes. J Biotechnol. 2011 Jan 20 151(2):180-5. p.181 right column 3rd paragraph
Reference PubMed ID 21111012
Method P.181 right column 3rd paragraph: "Cell density was determined by direct counting, using a light microscope (magnification 400×) with a 0.1mm deep counting chamber (Neubauer). Dry weight was determined on pre-washed glass fibre filter with aliquots of the culture, washed with ammonium formiate 1% (w/v) and dried at 80°C for 24 h. These determinations gave an average value of 153±3 pg/cell."
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