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Property Measured HeLa cell mass
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Value 2.29
Units ng
Reference Park K, Jang J, Irimia D, Sturgis J, Lee J, Robinson JP, Toner M, Bashir R. 'Living cantilever arrays' for characterization of mass of single live cells in fluids. Lab Chip. 2008 Jul8(7):1034-41.
Reference PubMed ID 18584076
Primary Source D. A. Wolff and H. Pertoft, J. Cell Biol., 1972, 55, 579–585
Primary Source PubMed ID 4571230
Method micromechanical resonant cantilever mass sensors for measurement and characterization of single cells. The resonance frequency of a cantilever is inversely proportional to the square root of the mass. Therefore, the mass of the entities attached to the cantilever can be directly calculated from the resonance frequency of the cantilever. The measured mass from the frequency response was compared with the estimated value calculated from the cell density and the cell volume. The volume of the cell was measured from the confocal microscope images by Image J (Wayne Rasband, National Institute of Health, USA), and the published value (primary ref) for the density of the cell was used.
Comments The cells in ref had volumes of 2349 µm^3 and 3857 µm^3, the value is mean weight of both cells, after adjustment. see table 3. This gives ~4.4×10^8 cells/gram
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