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Property Atomic mass of synaptic vesicle
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Range ~16
Units MDa/vesicle
Reference Takamori S et al., Molecular anatomy of a trafficking organelle. Cell. 2006 Nov 17 127(4):831-46. DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2006.10.030 p.836 right column 3rd paragraph
Reference PubMed ID 17110340
Method P.836 right column 3rd paragraph: "...quantitative dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) (A. Engel Molecular weight determination by scanning transmission electron microscopy, Ultramicroscopy, 3 (1978), pp. 273-281 PMID 734784)"
Comments P.836 right column 3rd paragraph: "A second estimate of the vesicle mass distribution was obtained by quantitative dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) (Engel, 1978). An average mass 16.2 ± 4.1 MDa (n = 281) or 15.9 ± 3.5 MDa (n = 276, excluding a few very high values) was determined (Figure 3D). The latter corresponds to (26.4 ± 5.8) × 10^−18 g/vesicle, in good agreement with the predicted dry mass of 29.6 × 10^−18 g/vesicle (BNID 102734 see Figure S5 for details)."
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