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Property Surface area and volume of spermatozoa
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Range 106 μm^2 surface area: 22.2 μm^3 volume
Units N/A
Reference Curry MR, Millar JD, Tamuli SM, Watson PF. Surface area and volume measurements for ram and human spermatozoa. Biol Reprod. 1996 Dec55(6):1325-32. p.1327 right column top, 2nd and bottom paragraphs
Reference PubMed ID 8949890
Method Spermatozoon surface area was measured by micrometric methods and was also measured from electron micrographs using a stereological method. Micrometric methods gave surface area above. Stereology methods gave surface area of 106.5µm^2. Sperm volumes were estimated by stereology and by radiolabel volume exclusion methods.
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