Salt dependence of the persistence length of DNA

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Reference Record MT Jr et al., Double helical DNA: conformations, physical properties, and interactions with ligands. Annu Rev Biochem. 1981 50 :997-1024. p.1008 table 2PubMed ID7023371
Primary Source [86] Kam Z, Borochov N, Eisenberg H. Dependence of laser light scattering of DNA on NaCl concentration. Biopolymers. 1981 Dec20(12):2671-90. [87] Hearst, J. E., Schmid, C. W., Rinehart, F. P. 1968. Macromolecules 1:491-94 [91] Harrington, R E. 1978. Biopolymers 17: 919-36 [93] Frontali C et al., An absolute method for the determination of the persistence length of native DNA from electron micrographs. Biopolymers. 1979 Jun18(6):1353-73.
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